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SpaceIL Kids Website Terms of Use

SpaceIL, Registered Association no. 580536894 (“The Organization”) is a non-profit organization that maintains and operates the website under the domain (“The Website”).

The website is intended for children aged 7 and above (“The Users” or “The User” or “You”). These Terms of Use (“The Terms” or “Terms of Use”) apply to any access to or use of the website, and constitute an agreement for using the site, taking effect between the User and/or the User’s parent and/or guardian and the organization.

By using this website, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and by the organization’s  Privacy Policy, which can be found at [link to Privacy Policy], as updated from time to time based on the sole discretion of the organization.  By continually using the website, you agree to any change or update to the Terms, if any. If you do not agree to any of the Terms of Use, you should refrain from using the website, entering your information or making any other use of it.

If you are under 18 years of age, the use of the website is subject to receiving consent from your parent or legal guardian, and you must obtain your parent’s or guardian’s consent before providing any personal information as defined by the Privacy Policy. By using the website you hereby declare and confirm that you have obtained the aforementioned consent from the parent or guardian, and that you are authorized by him/her to access and/or use the website.

1. Use of the Website

You may use the website and the included content for private and personal purposes and for non-commercial educational purposes only. Do not copy or use, or allow others to use the content of the website in any other way, in any other medium including other websites, electronic publications, print publications, etc., for any purpose other than personal and private use or non-commercial educational use.

2. Limitations

Without derogating from the generality of the above section 1, you may not perform the following, directly or through a third party: (a) Reverse engineer or attempt to decode the website and/or services, or operate or allow the operation of any application or other medium, including crawlers, robots and likewise software for the purpose of searching, scanning, copying or automatically retrieving content from the website. This limitation also stipulates that you may not create or use any such means to create a collection, aggregate or pool containing content from the website; (b) Display any content from the website in a frame, visible or concealed, including any program, device, utility or communication protocol – which change their design on the website or eliminate any content, particularly with regard to advertisements and commercial contents; (c) Copy, revise or create derivatives from the website, the services or any contents of the website; (d) Perform an action intended to disable or circumvent the security measures used on the website, or obtain access to the means of controlling the website; (e) Develop or aid in the development of any third party software or other means or an automation program that might disturb or disrupt the website’s activity; (f) Make any kind of illegal use of the website or contact other users for any such illegal purpose; (g) Attempt to gain access to the website, the services, to user accounts, including related email or Facebook accounts, as defined above, or to any device, appliance, computer system, telecommunication system or networks connected to the website and/or the services, without permission; (h) Collect information about other users without receiving express consent in advance from the organization and relevant users; (i) Distribute or share the content of the website in a way that would violate any law, include indecent content, or any other form of offensive content (including content promoting and inciting to hate or violence, or); include worms, viruses or other malware; overload the organization’s infrastructure in a non-reasonable or exaggerated way.

The organization reserves the right to remove, deny access to or permanently delete any content, based on its sole discretion and without advance notice, and you will have no right, claim or demand against the organization for decisions or actions as described above. Without derogating from the generality of the above, the organization will not be responsible for the content or any other item provided, published, uploaded, shared or distributed on the website by users. All users understand and acknowledge that any use of such content will be done of their own volition, and that they, and not the organization, shall be fully and exclusively responsible for such use.

3. User Information

The website offers means for leaving contact details through a “Contact Us” page, which allows leaving an email address and other personal information. Additionally, the website offers sharing options through various social networks (your email or accounts in social networks shall be collectively referred to as: “The User Account”.

When you first contact us, you will be required to enter an email address.

You must provide reliable, accurate and complete information regarding your User Account. You hereby declare and confirm that you are the sole and rightful owner of the email or Facebook account, accordingly, and that you have the authority to use it and confirm the receipt of messages from the organization.

You may request that we erase your contact information from the website’s records. Upon receiving such a request, the organization will make a reasonable effort to delete the existing information; however, the organization reserves the right to keep such information in its backup systems as may be required in order to end its engagement with the user, or to be used in accordance with the Terms of Use.

You agree to inform us immediately of any unauthorized use of your personal information. You are solely and fully responsible for the security of your computer and all activities performed with it, even if the activity was not performed by you. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from unauthorized use of your contact information. You undertake to indemnify and compensate us for any illegitimate or illegal use of your account, including any email that may be sent from it, and for any accrued debts or taxes that apply, unless you have written to us at to let us know that your account has been hacked and you request that we block the account. We do not monitor this and cannot guarantee we will know about any improper use of the account, the website or the services, or that we will be able to prevent any such use.

You agree that we can, for any reason, based on our complete discretion and without advance notice, discontinue all activities of your account and remove all content related to it. Reasons for such termination can be: a violation of these Terms of Use or their intended meaning; fraudulent, abusive or harassing behavior; or behavior that is harmful to other users, to third parties, to the ethos of our community or to our business affairs.

If we will conclude, based on our sole discretion, that there has been a violation of these Terms of Use or any illegal or inappropriate behavior, way may take any remedial action that we deem fit. We reserve the right to investigate any suspicion for violation of these Terms of Use or any illegal or inappropriate behavior on our website or services. We will cooperate with any investigation by law enforcement agencies or any court order that requires or instructs us to disclose the identity, behavior or any content of any user that is suspected  of taking alleged illegal actions. You may demand that we terminate your account at any time and for any reason, by sending us a message at Any termination or suspension of your account will not affect your responsibilities to us under these Terms of Use (including, without limitation, ownership, indemnification and all representations and obligations you have towards us and limitations of liability), which, by nature and relevance, are intended to survive such termination or suspension.

4.  Content

For the purposes of these Terms of Use, the term “Content” or “Contents” includes information of any type and kind, including: any textual, visual, audio or audio-visual content, or any combination of the above, as well as any product of designing, rendering, editing, distributing and displaying of such content, including (without limitation): any image, photo, illustration, animation, chart, figure, imaging, sample, video, audio file and music file; any program, file, computer code, application, format, protocol, database and interface, and any character, sign and icon.

We may allow you to upload content to the website, only with permission from the website administrator and by using the “Contact Us” function. You are solely responsible for the content you upload or move to the website. You undertake that any such content: (a) Adheres to any applicable laws and is not in violation of any moral rights or privacy rights of any third party, and is not in violation of any intellectual property rights of any third party; (b) Does not include any content which is defamatory, slanderous, or any content which is vulgar, indecent or offensive in any other way. We are not under obligation to accept, display, review or maintain any content. Furthermore, we reserve the right to remove and permanently delete any content, including any message or image from any user, without prior notice and for any reason. Any content uploaded to the website will not be considered private and we will be able to distribute and transfer it without any compensation to you. The content received from your account may be publicly available. You can’t expect any privacy for this content. This instruction will not apply to any personal information, which is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy, unless you make this information publicly available through the website. The organization does not recommend any content, opinion or advice from such content and is not liable in any way for such content.

5.  Intellectual Property

All copyrights and intellectual property rights on the website and in any content it includes belong solely to the organization, or to the third party that permitted the organization to use them. The organization is the sole owner of any and all rights worldwide pertaining to the website domains, site code, site’s graphic configuration, the organization’s logo, all content displayed and listed on the website, registered or unregistered, which will remain in the sole ownership of the organization at all times. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publicly present, publicly perform, make available publicly, change, render, create derivatives, sell or rent out any of the above, whether by yourself or in association with a third party, in any way or by any means, whether electronic, mechanical, optical, through photography or recording devices, or any other way, without prior written consent from the organization or from the owners of the relevant rights, in accordance with the terms of your agreement with them (if applicable).

6.  Copyright Violation

We are not responsible for the content uploaded by users to the website. We do not permit uploading any content to the website that violates copyright. We will remove any violating content, if we receive proper notice of such violations. We may do so based on our sole discretion, without prior notice to the users. In most cases, our policy is to terminate the accounts of repeat violators. According to copyright laws, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, we reinstate the rights of copyright owners who believe that content on the website is violating their lawful rights. If you believe that content on the website violates your copyrights, you may send us a notification requesting that the content be removed or that access to it be blocked. If you believe that this notification was wrongfully brought up against you, you can send us a counter-notification. Notifications and counter-notifications must adhere to the requirements of the law. We recommend that you consult with your legal councilor before sending a notification or counter-notification. Please note that the law enforces significant penalties for filing false claims. Please send notifications and counter-notifications to us at

7. Links

In any case where the website includes links to services or related websites which are not operated or managed by the organization, the organization will not be responsible in any way for users relying on the content of such services and websites or for any information provided by or related to them, including, without limitation, any guarantee that this information is complete, accurate, correct or up to date. The organization will not be responsible for any direct or indirect damage, financial or other, resulting from using or from users relying on the content of services obtained through links on the website. Any use of related services or websites as described above shall be the sole responsibility of the users, in accordance with the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of the relevant services and websites.

8. Limitation of Liability and Warranty

The website and/or content are offered to you “as is” and “as available” without any obligation and/or representation, explicit or implicit, by the organization, including, without limitation, any implicit warrantees with regard to the tradability, suitability for certain purposes or for the needs of certain users or the non-violation of proprietary rights, or with regard to the use and operation of the website and/or with regard to the accuracy, quality, timeliness, completeness or usefulness of any information or content served on the website or the services. Therefore, your use of the website, the content and the services is at your own discretion and you shall be solely responsible for any result of such use. We wish to clarify that the organization is making reasonable efforts in order to ensure that our technology guarantees the safety of the website and/or services. However, no technology can guarantee safety with 100% certainty. Therefore, the organization cannot guarantee full protection.

The organization disclaims all other warranties and liabilities, either express or implied, with regard to the website and its systems. It is hereby clarified that the organization will not be liable, under any circumstances, for any actions of behaviors of third parties, including other users. The organization, including its officers, managers, subcontractors, partners, volunteers or anyone acting on its behalf, shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, whether in Tort or Contract law or in any other form of liability, resulting from their use of the website or related to them or to their inability to use it. This holds true whether the damages were expected or not, and whether the organization was aware of the potential damages or not. This Limitation of Liability and Warranty will apply to the extent permissible by the applicable law.

9. Time Period

The period for these Terms will begin on the date your agree to these Terms of Use, and will continue without limitation, unless stopped in accordance with these Terms of Use. Each party may terminate these Terms of Use by sending a notice in writing (including by email).  Despite the termination of the Terms of Use, clauses 2-11 will survive termination for any reason.

10. Indemnification

Without derogating from any applicable law, you agree and undertake to compensate and indemnify the organization and its employees, officers, managers and volunteers, as well as any third parties, for any claim, loss, damage, cost or liability resulting from your violation of the above Terms of Use


These Terms, the website and/or the services will be subject to the laws of the state of Israel, and the final ruling in any dispute with regard to the website and any use of it shall be in the exclusive jurisdiction of the authorized Tel Aviv-Yaffo District court, Israel. Any notice the organization is required to give you, whether by law or in accordance with these Terms of Use, will be delivered using the contact information you provided in your user account, directly or indirectly, including via your email account. You hereby explicitly agree to accept any such notice or communication from the organization. You may not assign or delegate your rights in the website, without prior written consent from the organization. Nothing in the aforesaid should derogate or detract from any remedy or relief to which the organization will be entitled under any law with regard to prohibited activities or actions. Failure to enforce any of the above Terms does not constitute consent or an exemption for any violation of the Terms, and the organization reserves the right to enforce any of the Terms based on its sole discretion. In any case of exemption in a particular case of a violation or failure to comply to these Terms, such a case will not constitute precedent or an overall exemption for violations or non-compliances, similar or different in nature, that have taken place or that will take place in the future.

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