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SpaceIL, Registered Association no. 580536894 (“The Organization”) is a non-profit organization that maintains and operates the website under the domain (“The Website”). The website is intended for children aged 8 and above (“The Users” or “The User”). The Users’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. We value and respect the privacy of personal information submitted by Users on the website, including email address, Facebook profile or other social media account details received by the website, or any other personally identifiable information (“Personal Information”). The purpose of the Privacy Policy provided hereunder (“Privacy Policy”) is to notify and provide a general explanation regarding how we intend to collect and use personal information. By using this website, the User agrees to be bound by the terms of this Privacy Policy. This policy is an integral part of the website’s Terms of Use

If you are under 18 years of age, the use of the website is subject to receiving consent from your parent or legal guardian, and you must obtain your parent’s or guardian’s consent before using the website or providing any personal information. By using the website you hereby declare and confirm that you have obtained the aforementioned consent from the parent or guardian, and that you are authorized by him/her to use the website, including opening a user account.

Information Collected by the Website

When entering user information in the relevant places on the website (“Contact Us” / “Request a Lecture”), personal information will be collected and maintained by the organization, including name, email address and other details that the user actively enters into the website. You acknowledge and confirm that any information you enter will be collected and maintained by the organization. You are not under any legal obligation to disclose any information to the organization, and you will share any such information out of your own will and consent.

During your use of the website, the organization may collect and save other kinds of information automatically, such as: information sent from the user’s browser to every website visited by the user, such as: IP address, browser info (type, language, etc.), operating system, date and time the user logged into a website, the user’s location and the web address where the login link was published.

Use of the Collected Information

The organization will not sell, trade or rent out any personal information to third parties without the User’s express consent. Personal information is used by the organization in order to:

  • Contact the users;
  • Enforce the agreement;
  • Fulfill the provisions of any law and assist any competent authority in any case where the organization believes cooperation with any such an authority is required by law or falls under acceptable legal standards;
  • Prevent fraud, abuse, violation of proprietary rights, identity theft and any other illegal activities that might be performed through the website;
  • Take any required action in case of a dispute or legal proceeding of any kind between a User and the organization or between a User and any third party related to the website;
  • Send you emails or text messages (SMS or any other medium), in order to inform you, for example, of any actions performed by you in the system, any changes or improvements to the website, as well as marketing and advertising information – whether the organization’s own or information received by the organization to be sent from other advertiser. By accepting the Website’s Terms of Use or Privacy Policy you expressly agree to receive such messages. You may, at any time, request to stop receiving this information, by sending a request in writing to the organization. Please note that we retain the right to send you messages pertaining to the service, such as administrative messages, which are relevant to your account, without the option of refusing to receive them unless you cancel your account.
  • For any other purpose set forth in the Terms of Use or this Privacy Policy.

We may transfer your information to:

Companies related to us, or providers and/or sub-contractors, such as providers who collect, process and/or store information on our behalf. We shall require all companies related to us, providers and/or sub-contractors to adhere to our procedures for protecting Users’ privacy.
Business partners with whom we may jointly offer products or services, or whose products or services may be offered on our website. You will be able to know when a third party is involved in the offering of a product or service by the inclusion of their name in the offer, alone or alongside our name. If you choose to use these products or services, we may share information about you, including your personal details, with these partners. Note that we have no control over the privacy procedures of these business partners. If you are no longer interested in allowing third parties to use your information, you must contact the relevant third party.
Referrals to other websites. It you were rerouted to this website from another website (e.g., by clicking a link), we may share certain information about you with the referring website. We recommend that you review the privacy policy of each website which referred you to our site. Also, when you go to a partner’s website by clicking a link on our website, we provide this partner with a unique ID so they’ll be able to tell you were referred from our website. This Unique ID will not include any of your personal information.
In addition, it is possible that by analyzing all the information we collect or receive, including user information, we may produce statistical information regarding a wide variety of users (“Statistical Information”). Statistical information helps us to understand trends and users’ needs and enables us to consider creating new services and products, and to adjust existing services and products according to the needs of users. This statistical information is anonymous and will not be associated with personal information. The organization may share statistical information with third parties such as Google Analytics and for commercial purposes based on its sole discretion.


When you share your information on social media websites, this information becomes public and will not be considered by us to be personal information. You should always exercise caution when revealing any kind of information, including personal information, in such ways, since you can never know who will have access to this information and how they might use it.

Disclosure Required by Law

In any case where the organization is required by law to disclose personal or any other information, for example by court order or based on a certain regulation, the organization will disclose this information. The organization’s policy is to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, and will therefore disclose information if it is required as explained above.

Protecting the Organization and Website Users

The organization may discover personal or any other related information in cases where, based on its sole discretion, there is a need to protect the website, the rights or assets of the organization, or the rights of third parties in cases where it has reasonable cause to believe that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, locate or initiate legal proceedings against someone who has violated the Privacy Policy (intentionally or unintentionally) or the Terms of Use, and caused damage to the User or to anyone who might be damaged by such a violation. By using the website, the Users agree to disclose information about the users to law enforcement agencies, under the sole discretion of the organization, whenever the organization believes such disclosure is necessary and appropriate.

External Service Providers

The organization engages external service providers (“External Service Providers”). Personal information may be transferred to the External Service Providers. The External Service Providers will not be able to use the personal information for any purpose other than providing services to the organization, and will be required to adhere to the relevant laws which govern the handling of personal information. The External Service Providers may be located in different jurisdictions than that of the Users. All Service Providers will adhere to requirements of non-disclosure and non-use. Despite that, in some countries there may exist levels of protection of personal or other information that are not equal to the level of protection in your country. We may transfer our databases which include your data if we sell our operation or a part of it, and the buyer shall be bound by the terms of this Policy. By providing us with personal information, you expressly agree to the transfer of information as described above, including to outside of your country of residence.

Third Party Websites, Services and Online Communities

Certain parts of the website refer to external websites that are not controlled by the organization and may contain cookies, such as Third Party cookies, Bacon Cookies (refer to the Cookies section). Please note that the organization does not manage these external websites and they are not the responsibility of the organization. Your use of these websites is subject to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


Cookies (“Cookies”) are files downloaded to the User’s hard disk by a website visited by the User (this file stores the User’s personal “profile” and his/her use habits on the internet, information which is used for understanding the consumer and his/her needs and can be used, among other things, for customizing options). We recommend that you set your browser to decline Cookies or to notify you when Cookies are sent to your computer. Users may also delete Cookies if they wish, but some of the website content might not work properly if Cookies are removed.


For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby clarified that the organization makes reasonable efforts to protect the information collected on the website and the Users’ accounts on the website; However, it is not possible to provide complete protection for all the collected information and User accounts. The organization makes no warranty that the website and all its components, including means of communication, will be completely immune to unauthorized access to the stored information.

Reviewing and Revising the Information

We allow you to access the information provided during registration and make adjustments or corrections. To request access to your information, please contact us at We will keep storing your information as long as your account continues to be active or as long as is necessary in order to provide services to you. If you wish to cancel your account and demand that we not use your information, contact as at the aforementioned email address. We will keep your information as it might be required to fulfill our legal duties, to settle disputes or to enforce our contracts.


We may update this Privacy Policy periodically – we recommend that you return to read it from time to time.


In case of any question regarding the organization’s Privacy Policy, Users may send an email to

This Privacy Policy was last updated on September 2017.

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