Moon and Space News: October 2017

By SpaceIL Kids Team
by:By SpaceIL Kids Team

What’s New in Moon and Space Exploration?


In October 2017, the Moon was the star of many news items about space exploration. Well, the Moon isn’t actually a star, of course, but it starred in the articles… Just a figure of speech!

So what did we have this month? A change of plans, first the Moon and then Mars? Is the United States going to send people to the Moon again? Are there plans to build a Moon base? Does Earth have a second moon? What about the cave that was discovered on the moon? And how can you fly between the planets and the moons from the comfort of your own home?

You can see all this and more in a video recapping news about the Moon and Space for October 2017.

Want to find out more? Here you go:

More about the cave discovered on the Moon – in this article from Haaretz website (in Hebrew)

Documentation of the collision and merger of two neutron stars, in this fascinating article from Haaretz website

Google Maps is expanding to offer virtual tours between planets and moons , on the Israel Space Agency website

Would a fidget spinner in space keep spinning indefinitely? Interesting answers to this question on the Israel Space Agency website

All about the new female cadets in NASA’s astronaut training course in this article – Stars in Space on the Israel Space Agency website

News about the weird object discovered traversing our Solar system, here on Haaretz website (in Hebrew)

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