“Little Makers”: A paper cup rocket launcher

By SpaceIL Kids Team
by:By SpaceIL Kids Team

A paper cup rocket launcher


It’s not exactly rocket science – but it is a really great model of a launcher you can play with at home!

Let’s start by explaining the title, “Little Makers”. “Makers” are the kind of people who will always try to fix a broken appliance instead of buying a brand new one. They are the kind of people who find some old bicycle tire and a piece of wood on the street, and imagine turning them into something else – a shelf, a cart, even a helicopter. OK, the helicopter might be a bit of a stretch, but you get the point, right?

What we mean by this is that we encourage you to make things by yourself! Makers like working with their hands and their brain, they like to create and fix things, and experiment with new materials and ingredients. Sometimes you don’t get a perfect result, but when you do – it feels totally awesome.

So without further ado, let’s start making with something very simple. Give it a try!

Who is this for?
Anyone who likes working with their hands. Or if you’re babysitting your younger siblings, or ran out of screen time for today… You get the point.

Total time:
1 hour.

What are we making?
A paper cup rocket launcher.

What do we need?
Download the file that appears on the right side of the text [click the arrow]

And follow the instructions in the file. It’s all there, including example photos. Have fun!

for download: Let’s observe the phases of the moon!

And, careful with that launch, OK?

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