A Mission for Next Saturday: A Family Photo with the Moon International Observe the Moon Night, October 28, 2017

By SpaceIL Kids Team
by:By SpaceIL Kids Team

Next Saturday, October 28th 2017, is International Observe the Moon Night.


Many observation events will be held around the world, and of course, SpaceIL’s Moon Kids are invited to join the festivities. We have a mission for you, should you choose to accept it… But first, let’s understand what this day is all about:

This might sound a little strange, but on October 28, 2017 we’ll be seeing a quarter moon [HB1] and not a full moon, as you might expect.

So why look at the night sky when it’s not a full moon?

Bar Hayun of the Israel Space Agency believes that the less-than-impressive quarter moon actually makes for the best observation, especially through a telescope or even binoculars.

According to Bar, when the Moon is only partially lit, that’s exactly when we can uncover a few of its secrets. When the Moon is lit from the side by the Sun, its topography can be seen in all its glory: craters and mountains are revealed in 3D much better than when observed in the full Moon, when the surface is directly lit and looks flatter.

Bar gives a more detailed explanation about why observing the quarter moon is highly recommended, and offers a riddle (and the answer to it) on the Israel Space Agency website. Visit this link: Moon Calendar – looking at the sky during partial phases of the moon

So what’s your mission?

SpaceIL’s Moon Kids website invites you to share with us a family photo, with the Moon you observe this Saturday in the background. You can take this photo anywhere: the desert, the sea, Mount Hermon and even from the balcony of your own home. You can use a professional camera or just your smartphone, and it can be a staged, creative photo or just a casual shot.

Please send us the photo with the following details: your family name and the location where the photo was taken, along with the parents’ email. To do this, use the “Contact Us” link on our site. Next week we’ll publish a gallery of select photos.

Please note: we can’t upload your photo without a parent’s consent, so don’t forget to include your parent’s email!

If you’d like a taste of the international experience of this day on the NASA website:

NASA website – International Observe the Moon Night

Let’s go to the Moon!

Illustration photos, take your imagination and creativity to the max


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