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Moon Kids – Introduction

Welcome to SpaceIL’s* website for children!

* A combination of the words “space” and “IL”, which is short for “Israel”

We’re sending a spacecraft to the moon, and in the meantime we’ve decided to bring the moon as close to you as possible, with our new website that was designed especially for you – any one of you who feels inspired by the moon. From the moment your enter the website:

As far as we’re concerned, you are moon children! In fact, you are:

SpaceIL’s Moon Kids

In the 1970’s, there was a very famous song in Israel, named “Yaldei Hayare’ach” (“Moon Children”). The song was about young people from the United States in the 1960’s, who would be about the age of your grandparents today. These people lived in a time of social and cultural change, believed in values like equal rights for everyone, without discriminating against people of different looks[HB2] , colors[HB3] , opinions and so on. This change did take place, around the time when the United States landed the first people on the moon.

For us, “Moon Kids” holds a different meaning, which is the reason we built this website. We’ll explain all of that in a moment .

So what can you find on our website?

Here you can find all sorts of interesting facts about the moon and space – not just the numbers and technical definitions, but also songs, movies, stories, different kinds of art, design, and even sports. Why is that, do you ask? Well, science is everything you can see and feel all around you: it’s the air, the water, the animals, the plants, and other things that are beyond our grasp.

But at the same time, science is also all that’s happening inside of us: our feelings, our thoughts, even our dreams.

The moon has always been a fascinating subject in folk tales, poems, songs and stories. In the very beginning of the Old Testament, the moon is described as “the lesser light to govern the night” (which is the wrong way to put it, and we’ll have an article about that soon). The moon has also been a source of inspiration for scientists and explorers who looked at the sky, asked questions and dedicated their lives to finding answers. In doing so, they advanced scientific exploration and allowed it to keep evolving into what we know today as Science.

We would really love to hear you opinion!

You can let us know what you think in several ways on the website:

1. The Lunar Scale

At the end of each piece of content on the website there’s a lunar scale: the lowest rate is “Lunar Eclipse” and the highest is naturally called “Supermoon”, with a whole range of moons in between. We take your ratings very seriously, since they allow us to keep improving and make better content for you.

2. “Contact Us”

You can send us your feedback any time and share with us your opinion about anything  related to the website. To do so, use the “Contact Us” link on the navigation bar that pops-up on the left[HB1] . We’d love to get your comments, ideas, opinions and even criticism – we just want to remind you to please do so in a polite and respectful manner. You’ll need to leave your email address so we can get back to you. If you don’t have your own email, please enter a parent’s email (with their consent) and we will contact your parents. We look forward to “hearing” from you!

3. Participating in Quizzes and Challenges

Quizzes and challenges will usually be posted under “Moon Crackers”, where you will have the chance to add a comment of your own that appears under the article, and everyone will be able to see it (everyone on the website). Our team will review each comment (for approval before publication), and of course, we will not approve any comments that are abusive or inappropriate. So even if you want to disagree with something, please keep it respectful and courteous, so that you and others can enjoy a pleasant experience. We eagerly anticipate your input and participation on the website, and we’ll be happy to publish interesting discussions on various topics.

4. Votes and Voting Options

In some of the articles on the website, you’ll be asked to choose between two or more options and cast your vote. This requires independent thinking from each and every one of you. For example, under “Moon VS Moon”, from time to time we’ll present questions about the moon and space exploration in general, that you can think about and discuss with others. For this purpose, we will present two opposing arguments, and you can choose your own position on the subject or decide which side you think was more convincing. There’s no “right or wrong” – we just want you to think about it and discover different opinions or arguments, that you’re not used to hearing or that aren’t considered the norm. If we convince you to re-think your original opinion, or if we can introduce you to more sides to of all sorts of discussions – we will consider this a great success for “Moon VS Moon”.

In the “Once upon a moon” section you’ll find a serial, where you can influence the storyline. At the end of each chapter, there are at least two options for continuing the story.

5. Knowledge Quizzes

In many of the articles on the website, we invite you to answer five questions related to the content you read, that will help you find out how much of what you’ve just learned “stayed inside your head”. We think it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to get to know your abilities and how well you can a acquire new information. Give it a try – it’s fun!

6. Inviting us to give a lecture at your school / class

In the near future, we’ll be adding a new panel to the left navigation bar on the main site. This panel will link to a form you can fill in to invite us to give a lecture at your school. Our lectures are delivered by our talented volunteers.

We can get to any school in Israel, from North to South, and talk to classes of any age, from 1st to 12th grade.

The lectures are an hour long, free of charge, and are adapted to the students’ age.

We will coordinate our arrival with the school staff.

On our site, you’ll see eight different moons. Each moon represents a specific content area or category.

Moon flash!

News. News about our spacecraft mission and other space news.

Moon babble

Explanations about all sorts of cool moon-related phenomena.

Ready, set, moon!

Sports games on the moon. No such thing? Think again! Take a look inside and find out what we have for you.

Moon VS Moon

Questions for you to think about and discuss with others. You can choose between two main arguments, presented by experts in the relevant fields.

The moon show

Songs, movies, dance shows and more. All about entertainment leisure time.

Once upon a moon

A serial and other stories.

Crack the moon

Test your abilities with quizzes and challenges! In the near future we’ll have section explaining and cracking the riddles of concepts related to the moon.

Moon it yourself!

Many studies have shown the benefits of learning through hands-on experience. That is the idea behind ” Moon it yourself!”. Currently this page offers files you can download, and soon we’ll be adding videos from workshops of things you can try at home.


We hope you enjoy the contents of this site, learn new things and… Become inspired!

That’s right – inspired. Inspired to dream, to set goals, to aim high, to keep going even when the goals seem too far, even impossible to achieve – because there’s no such thing as “impossible”. Look at us – we’re moments away from sending a spacecraft to the moon!

So, here we are.

We hope you enjoy visiting our site, and look forward to hearing from you.

The SpaceIL Education Team

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